Saturday, January 26, 2013

MG Red Frame WIP 2 + New Kits

Not too big of an update, but I decided to post at least 1 post per week or try to anyways.

Last time I left with a question asking what I should do with the white parts; I was thinking of either pre-shading or making them a bit darker. So, before I get into it, I'd like to thank everyone who gave an input again, it was very much appreciated. I decided to darken them with just 1 more drop of navy blue, making the paint mixture 1 ml of white and 2 drops of navy blue. Not sure how dark this will turn out to be, but we'll see once I get around to it.

I'm still working on the inner frame pieces. There is a staggering amount of pieces and I don't have enough alligator clips nor a buff enough compressor to handle long painting times. Progress is slow, but it's getting there. For now, I have the inner frame for the waist, torso, head, and the left arm painted and somewhat assembled. I say somewhat because, I haven't decided on whether to panel line the metallic pieces or not and some parts will be hard to panel line once assembled.

Picture time:

Top coated with Mr. Color GX100 Super Clear III

Halfway assembled torso

There's a section of the torso on the left side of the above picture with some writings on it. I'll be reverse washing that small section so the writings will be more visible.

Inner frame for the head

Group shot of the assembled sections so far

Even the polycaps are painted!

Waiting for the top coat to cure

Once the pieces in the above picture are cured, I only have one more leg's inner frame and the red pieces on its weapons to paint in the metallic red. It'll be white next and the gold last.

Sword pieces separated by color scheme

I've separated the Tactical Arms (the huge sword) pieces by paint color. There will be 6 different colors I'll be using (there's a small bag in the top right's bag). In the top row from left to right, it will be gold and iron with a hint of gold. The single piece in the small bag in a bag will be chrome. In the bottom row it will be black, metallic red, and white. I'm really excited to see how this will come out!

Finally for the finishing top coats, I'm planning to use the Super Clear III on the metallic pieces (red, gold, iron and chrome) and the flat coat on the rest (black and white).

One bad news. I ran out of the Super Clear III. I do have the spray can version of it, but with the weather being bad lately, it's not an option. I did order some, but it'll be several days before it arrives.

I've also added two more kits to my backlog thanks to Plamohunter: The MG Buster and the RG Zeta. I swear this site will break me.

Lastly, if the Super Clear III doesn't arrive before I finish painting all my pieces, I'll be working on my next kit until it arrives. Here's a sneak peek:

The next time I post, I should have most of the pieces painted. Hope you guys look forward to it!

Questions, comments, and advice are more than welcomed!

Thanks for reading!


  1. SD Stargazer!

    Loving the metallic red on the Astray!

    1. Yes! Stargazer! I love that suit, especially when it glows gold and its backpack! I'm just waiting for the day Bandai announces the MG version of it.

      I'm really excited to see how the Astray will turn out.

    2. Yes. It's all airbrushed.