Friday, January 18, 2013

New Project! MG Red Frame Kai WIP 1

It's finally time for a new project and this time it's my very first Master Grade, the Red Frame Kai! If anyone is wondering what part of the box my sneak peak picture was from my previous post, it's the very top part where you see a Gundam with a red aura around it. 

28 runners total

I was a bit overwhelmed with the number of runners this kit came with. I knew there were a lot, but once I laid them all out, the sheer number of parts was surprising and both good and bad ways. Good in a sense that I knew this kit will be extremely detailed which will make it look amazing once it's complete. Bad because I was afraid of all the sanding that this will require. To be honest, when I was half way through sanding all the pieces, I thought of putting it aside and starting a SD or a HG, but I decided against that since I had a certain color scheme in mind for the Red Frame.

The kit came with some eye catching runners which includes the chrome katanas, gold katana and katana sheath pieces, and a clear runner which is not pictured. I couldn't get a good enough picture of the clear runner which comprises of the waist section pieces. I'll try again later and post it on my next post if I'm successful. The chrome pieces look great, but a couple of the nubs are on the blade section so I can see it leaving an ugly nub mark. The gold pieces aren't that great of a shade of gold, so i recommend painting it. 

For this kit, instead of taking a photo of all the pieces of each runner like I've done before, I decided to follow the manual and bag each section into separate bags just because of the overwhelming number of pieces. 

A couple pictures of the inner frame built. I don't have many because I took these after finishing up with my Freedom. By then I was tired of photographing, haha.

Red frame like it's name suggests. I like it.

Here's a group shot of all the paint colors I'll be using on this kit.

The full list of paints are:
  • White (1)
  • Black (2)
  • Neutral Grey (13)
  • Navy Blue (14)
  • Dark Earth (22)
  • Midnight Blue (71)
  • Gun Chrome (104)
  • Clear Green (138)
  • Metallic Iron (212)
  • Metal Red (GX202)
  • Gaia Star Bright Gold
  • Gaia Star Bright Duralumin (not pictured because it'll arrive soon)

Metal Red GX202

This will be my first custom paint job. I plan to paint the inner frames with the Metal Red, while keeping the whites in plain white gloss color with a pinch of navy blue. Additionally, I plan to include a bit more gold. I haven't really worked out where exactly I'll be adding the extra gold, but I do have some general idea of it.

I've actually done some painting with the scheme I mentioned just on the waist section and I'm satisfied with the results, but it could be a bit better.

All pieces for the waist

100% Mr. Color Metal Red (GX202)

100% Gaia Star Bright Gold

100% Mr. Color White (1) + pinch of Mr. Color Navy Blue (14)

Left some separation on purpose for easier disassembly

As planned, the gold and the red stand out. However, the white looks a bit boring. I'm thinking of either preshading the white pieces or making them a little bit darker. What do you guys think?

Questions, comments, and advice are more than welcomed!

Thanks for reading!


  1. That metallic red is very sharp. I'm interested to see how it compares to silver with a gloss red top coat.

    1. I'll post a comparison photo next time. Although, I'm not sure if my point and shoot camera will be good enough to show the difference if there is any.

  2. Looking very sexy! I think you should do a nice pre-shade on the white to make it pop a little more. Good luck!

    1. Thanks! Also, thank you for the input! I'm leaning towards preshading, but I'm curious as to how a darker white will look, too.