Saturday, July 11, 2015

MG Sandrock ver. EW Complete!

Another of the 5 main Gundam Wing suit has been completed! I had all parts cut off the sprues back in 2013, but didn't feel like painting back then and had forgotten I had it until a while ago. I had trouble deciding what paint scheme to go with since I split between Katoki's or the movie's color scheme. Ultimately ended up with Katoki's with preshading. Hit the bump for more pics!

While photographing, I realized I'm terrible at posing primarily ground-based (I think from what I remember in the show) melee units which is obvious from the pictures you will see. I even permanently deleted some pictures on accident. Oh well... Enjoy!

Mobile Suit

Fully Equipped

Action Poses

Some Thoughts

The shotels are on the heavier side so once they've been equipped to the unit's backpack, the kit becomes back-heavy. To offset it, you just have to lean it forward a bit. Even if they make it back heavy, I think the Sandrock looks the best with the shotels equipped to its backpack. 

I didn't show it in the pictures, but Bandai does give you a second set of shotels which are clear red to imitate the heated effect. I opted to not use them as the clear plastics wouldn't have went well with the kits color scheme. I could've painted them, but I didn't want to order a jar of paint just for two pieces. I also didn't bother painting the dinky gun it came with. Just not a fan of it. The shield looks great though! 

Just Heavyarms and Wing until the gang is all done! 

Thanks for looking!