Saturday, December 29, 2012

RG Freedom WIP 2.5 + HG AGE-FX WIP 1

The holidays this year was pretty good for me and I hope everyone else had a great time. I did get some more Gunpla for myself (darn you sales!) as well as Gunpla gifts from others. I'll be posting the pictures of my new items in my next post since I forgot to take them for this post. Anyways, here's my progress report:

RG Freedom WIP 2.5? Why the 0.5? Well, that's because I haven't progressed enough with it to justify calling it WIP 3. So what have I done with it? I got the 3rd party water slide decals, have placed some on the kit, and cleaned up some messy panel lines.

Friday, December 21, 2012

RG Freedom WIP #2 + New Items!

It's been nearly 2 weeks since my last post, but I'm back with some more updates. Before I get into the Freedom, I'd like to show off a couple great items. First is /r/gunpla's secret santa gift exchange over at reddit:

After getting home late, a box from modelgrade was waiting for me in front of my door. It was too early for the Nu Gundam Ver. Ka to come so I knew it would be from my secret santa. I excitedly opened the box as soon as I got in and saw my nicely wrapped gift (good job on the wrapping modelgrade!). I decided to leave it wrapped until Christmas, but the next morning I couldn't wait so I unwrapped it as soon as I got up. Here's my thought process:

Nicely wrapped. I wonder what it is!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Project: RG Freedom WIP 1

As stated in my earlier post, my 2nd kit is the RG Freedom. I've been looking forward to building this because it'll be my introduction into the RG scale. Let's get to it!