Friday, August 8, 2014

MG Exia Complete!

I had a lot of fun working on this kit (especially during the photo shoot) and now I'm happy to share the end product with you all. Hit the bump for more pictures!

Let's get right to it!

Some Thoughts

Many people have warned me about the weak joints for this kit which I didn't notice until I started posing it. I wanted to recreate many of the ground poses as seen in the anime, but the weak ankle and hip joints really made it difficult to keep the kit in a dynamic pose. It's really a shame. If anyone is interested in the kit, I suggest having an action base handy if you want to keep it in a posed form. Luckily, the Exia also looks great in air!

Other than the weak lower body joints, the kit is very flexible and comes with quite a number of accessories. Thanks to its wide range of movements, posing the kit was really fun and easy to do. Once fully equipped, I think the Exia looks the best from the backside. It's one of the pictures above, but here it is again since it's my favorite photo that captures the intimidating number of armaments without making the suit seem bulky or too busy to me, at least:

Overall, the MG Exia is a kit I would highly recommend. Just make sure to have an action base around for dynamic poses! 

Thanks for looking!

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