Friday, November 30, 2012

SD Strike Update: Finished!

It's finally done! It took a very long time because of several setbacks, but I finished it. The final product has been panel lined with both Fine Point Gundam Marker and enamel washes and it's been sprayed with Mr. Topcoat flat. There are a lot of pictures for this post so bear with me guys. Before we get onto the pictures, here is the list of paints and topcoats that I've used for this kit (the numbers next to them signify their respective paint code):

  • Model Master Black
  • Mr. Color White 1
  • Mr. Color Black 2
  • Mr. Color Red  3
  • Mr. Color Yellow 4
  • Mr. Color Blue 5
  • Mr. Color Silver 8
  • Mr. Color Clear Blue 50
  • Mr. Color Midnight Blue 71
  • Mr. Topcoat Gloss
  • Mr. Topcoat Flat

Now for the pictures!

The forehead "V" will cover that red paint once it's snapped in place.

Adding the panel lines on that red piece under the eyes and above the mask was a pain.

The torso refused to stay upright for a picture.

Here are some pictures that show the comparison between an out-of-the-box (OOB) build and my painted/detailed build. The OOB pictures are from, which is a great website to go to for those who are curious as to what each kit looks like when it's actually built and for those who can understand Korean, it's a great Gunpla review website.

As you can tell, I'm not even remotely capable of using photoshop. It was all done in Paint. Moving on... Action poses!

The SD Strike was definitely a fun kit to build. Thanks to it, I've got some masking and painting practices. However, I've got to say that building this kit OOB, makes it seem bland so I highly suggest adding panel lines at least. The only regret I have is not painting the gun or the daggers, but it's not too big of a deal. Once I start painting my next kit, I may get around to painting them. Also, I didn't get rid of the seam lines on this, but now that I got some Mr. White Putty I'll get rid of them from now on or at least give it a try. Lastly, anyone know what the official name for those forehead "V" on the Gundams are called?

Questions or comments are more than welcomed!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. its from long ago, and you probably know by now, but it is a V-fin