Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Very Quick Update

It's been months since my last post and I figured I should give a quick update as to what's going on. I've been pretty busy with other things, but I have been building and painting whenever I had the time. However, it's been a very very slow process (a few pieces in a span of a week on average). Additionally, I've started a new job and currently have no place to call a home since the apartment I found can't be ready until this Friday. So until then I will be and have been jumping from one friend's place to another's place, meaning absolutely no building until I move in to my own place. I've been itching to work on my kits and can't wait until I settle in to my new place. The SD Stargazer is long overdue and the MG Sandrock needs a paint job. I also started on my PG Strike and I plan to take my time with it so it'll turn out perfect. If everything works out, I should be able to get back in Gunpla very soon.

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