Monday, November 4, 2013

It's been a while! Here's MG AGE-1 NORMAL WIP 1

It's been more than half a year since my last real Gunpla post, but that doesn't mean I stopped with my hobby! Lots of things kept me from building, such as broken air compressor, moving to start my new job

Initially, I wasn't a fan of this suit, but kit grabbed my attention. Plus for $30, it was a steal! Anyways, enjoy the pictures!


14 Runners

Runner A

Runner B

Runner C

Runner D

Runner E

Runner F

Runner G

Runner H

Runner I

Runner J

Runner K

Beam Sabers



Foil Stickers
Dry Transfers

Pieces and Parts

Independently moving index finger!

Inner Frame

Fully Armored

Some Thoughts

As I said earlier, this suit didn't really interest me in the series. It wasn't until I saw the kit, that I started to like it. The more I look at the kit, the more it grows on me. 

It comes with the usual lead Gundam colors as well as, although very few in numbers, some very nice shade of clear turquoise. Even though the colors are concentrated in the center of the suit, the grey from the joints, through the slits on the armor pieces, and the knee cap armors keeps the overall color coordination interesting. In my opinion, the grey knee cap armors play a critical role in preventing what would be a boring all white legs. 

The inner frame is well built and has plenty of details at places that will be visible, such as the chest and back vents, the verniers, and its prominent "A" in the chest. Even though, it looks great as is, some paint here and there will make it stand out without screaming for attention. For example, the "H" in elbow joints, shown below, can be painted  in copper much like how the RG suits. Also, painting the verniers will add to the small detailing that will make the suit look even better overall.

The suit does have a couple gimmicks such as the cockpit hatch opening (shown above) and how the beam saber handles can be pushed in and pulled out of the side skirts (shown below). I can't say I'm a fan of the beam saber handle gimmick because once the handles are pushed into the side skirts, I had  a hard time pulling them out. So, after painting, it seems like scratching off the paint may be inevitable. I'll just have to wait and see.

The rifle is very boring. Even though there are a couple clear pieces in there, it being only one color makes it dull. The amount of detail does not help either. To make it a bit more interesting to look at, I'll most likely two tone it. Additionally, since a single, long, thin peg is holding the rifle together in the mid-section, it rotates easily around the joint section making it flimsy. Some glue or paint should remedy this.

The shield on the other hand, is excellent. Not only because it has two bright colors, which also makes the details more noticeable, but the color stack up of white - blue - white - blue - white 

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