Saturday, February 9, 2013

MG Red Frame Kai WIP 4

The suit itself is finished! However, before I get to the rest of the pictures, I'd like to go in chronological order.

Last few steps

I couldn't manage to mix or find the color that I had in mind for the pieces below, so I went with the next best choice: Mr. Color Stainless (213). I was actually contemplating between Gun Chrome (104) and the Stainless (213), but I figured that the having chrome in between metallic red and gold would be too much "shine." The Stainless came out much better than I expected. Having a darker metallic in between the two bright metallic colors made a nice contrast.

100% Mr. Color Stainless (213) 

Last batch of red and gold with top coat after panel lining

Originally, I was not planning to put any decals on the kit, but I decided that a little bit wouldn't hurt. All the decals are on the off-white armor pieces only. Other than the shoulder armors, the pieces with decals on them only have 1 small decal. Just enough to add more to the aesthetics, yet subtle enough so that the red frame remains as the main attraction of the kit.

Arm, leg, and waist pieces with decals

Mobile Suit + Weapons

Before I get into the pictures, the kit is not 100% complete. As of now, I still need to assemble, decal, and top coat the Tactical Arms. It'll take a few more days before I can say it's all done. I'll try to finish it by this upcoming week, but the release of Fire Emblem: Awakening and Dead Space 3 are not helping to the cause. By the way, both of them are great games! Anyways picture time:

That's not a chip. I thought it was after looking at this and got scared. It wiped away easily.

Out of box hands

Painted and detailed

Custom decals on the shoulder armor

Sorry about taking the pictures in my paint booth. I  promise I'll take better ones once it's all done. Let me know what you guys think of it so far. I love to read any comments or advice you guys leave for me.

Lastly, I'm thinking of joining the Grand Prix over at Plamocon. I haven't decided which kit to enter with or if I'm going to actually enter it. If I do enter it, it would mean that the SD Stargazer would be a very slow WIP or pushed back entirely until after completing my entry kit. Is anyone else joining the competition?

Questions, comments, and advice are more than welcomed!

Thanks for reading!


  1. The gold trim on the katana scabbard, hilt, etc. looks too yellow. IMO something similar to this Gundam marker color looks better. A few examples from gunpla inoichi.

    1. Thanks for the input! The Gundam marker is a nice shade of gold, but for this kit I wanted something shinier. Also, I happen to be horrible with using the markers. I just can't get a smooth finish with them. If there is a way to efficiently harvest the gold paint in the marker itself, I'd love to use it.

  2. Goodguydan was just telling me about how clean your work is and man am I glad he linked me to your blog! Love the metallic red and actually the gold too! I wasn't sure about it at first but seeing it across the kit in the last few pictures, I'm sold.

    I'll be doing the plamocon Grand Prix as well! gdx9902 from plamocon convinced me and I'm bound by my word now! Haha, truthfully I'd be participating either way but it helps that you have a good shot at winning some cool stuff. If you decide to join the grand prix you should enter it into the Mecha Lounge group build as well! another shot at some cool stuff and a lot of folks who'll appreciate your work ;)

    1. OH! You're the guy who did the MK-II with amazingly detailed inner frame and the graphics on the shield. Also, the Unicorn head display recently! I saw both works on Gundam Eclipse and they are both great!

      Thanks for the compliment! Looks like I'll be thanking Goodguydan as well for spreading word about my work even though I'm a beginner.

      It's great to hear that you'll be entering it. Which category will you be entering in? Which ever you decide to enter, I'll definitely be looking forward to your work!

      I'll also check out the Mecha Lounge group build.

    2. In my opinion beginner or pro doesn't matter. I know many guys who just started out who are better than most experienced folks I know! Goodguydan knows solid work when he see's it ;)

      Thank YOU for the compliment :) Glad you enjoyed the builds.

      I'll either be entering the OOB painted with a MG Gouf Custom or the modified category with a HGUC Delta Plus. It really depends on which one I can get done faster and with ease (I have a high workload atm.)

      ML is my forum so I'll be sure to show you a big welcome if you decide to hop on board!