Sunday, April 5, 2015

I'm Back! MG Strike ver. RM Complete!

It was a long hiatus that started with the release of Destiny, but I'm back and to commemorate my return, I decided to build the MG version of my blog's very first SD version of the Strike!

Hit the bump for the pictures!

Mobile Suit


Fully Equipped

Action Poses


Some Thoughts

Decided to go with a RG kind of paint job with white grey mixed in. Additionally, I changed the shade of the blue to a darker shade and gave a bit more yellow.

The MG Strike ver. RM is a great kit. I'm not saying that because I haven't built any in a while, but because the completed kit is very solid with several pluses and few negatives. No loose joints, very well hidden seam lines, and very detailed. I've heard and read complaints about the side skirt pieces popping outward with a slight touch, but I experienced no such issue. It's probably because the paint made the attachment points thicker. As you can see from the pictures above (I hope), posing the kit isn't an issue either. I do have a complaint regarding the ankles though. The movement is very limited because of the ankle armor pieces so ground poses are pretty hard which is why an action base would be ideal. I recommend this kit to anyone looking for a great MG to build. 


Lastly, I'm looking for someone who can make me a banner for my blog using one or more of the pictures in my gallery. If you are willing to, please let me know. (Is photoshop the best way to do this?)

Any feedback is welcomed! Thanks for reading! There's more to come... soon.

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  1. Wow! Great work! Was really beautiful! This color scheme was very good, dude!