Saturday, April 19, 2014

MG Unicorn Complete!

I usually post a few WIP posts, but this time it's straight to the finished product. Hit the bump for more pictures!

I'm probably one of the very people who prefer the Unicorn Gundam in its Unicorn mode versus its Destroy mode. With that said, I don't have any pictures of this guy in its Destroy mode. So, for the fans of the Destroy mode, I apologize. Anyways, on to the pictures!

Mobile Suit




Some Thoughts

Even though it's mostly white, the Unicorn looks great thanks to all of its separable and extruded sections, giving it a lot of opportunity for panel lining. Also, the small glimpses of the inner frame you get at the joints gives the break you need from a monotonous all white body. The weapons that come with the kit looks great as well. I don't do it justice with my painting, but there are a lot of details for someone who's willing to invest more time and effort to make it look stunning.

There's a few bad things though. I wish the shield was wider in general. The mobile suit is big. It's the biggest one in my collection. I realize the shield does get bigger after transforming it, but it just looks too slim in comparison to the suit. Next is the ankles. Not much side to side movement because the ankle armor parts restrict the movement, making it hard for the suit to stand flat footed. Lastly, maybe it's just me, but I can't get the shoulder armor pieces to fit snug. As you can see in the pictures, there's a gap that in the shoulder armor, revealing the psycoframe underneath. I just cannot get this gap to close. I've tried disassembling and assembling several times, but have had no favorable result.

Thanks for looking!

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