Sunday, January 26, 2014

MG Deathscythe Complete!

This MG Deathscythe ver. EW was a gift I received through reddit/r/gunpla's 2013 secret santa gift exchange. It is also my first finished gunpla of the year! 

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*Unless noted, paints are from the Mr. Color line. Number in ( ) represents the paint color code.

  • Mr. Surfacer 1200
  • 100% White (1)

Dark Blue
  • 75% Midnight Blue (71) + 15% Black (2) + 10% Purple (67)
  • 35% Yellow (4) + 35% White (1) + 30% Orange (59)
  • 100% Red Madder (68)
  • 100% Bright Green (66)
  • 100% Gaia Color Star Bright Duralumin (123)
Inner Frame
  • Alclad II Magnesium
  • Alclad II Steel

Mobile Suit

Fully Equipped

Action Poses

Some Thoughts

First off, if you are not very good with panel line edging like I am, I suggest you get a scriber to create channels to make panel lining much easier. There were some armor pieces that really tested my patience when it came to panel lining. Since I plan to build the rest of the ver. EW line, I went ahead and placed an order for a scriber. Plus with the scriber, I can start making my own panel lines!

As for the build, I'd say it's a pretty solid build. Most of the pieces fit well into place and each sub-assembly (legs, arms, head, etc) except for the waist feels sturdy once completed. The waist section annoyed me quite a bit during photography because parts kept flying out. Even though I put more paint on the ball joints than usual to help make them tighter, it didn't really help.

Overall, if you were interested in this kit, I say go for it! Once completed, it'll be an eye catcher in your display case with it's intimidating weaponry, color, and looks.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Very nice looking kit there Wildo!

    One comment (and it's not on your excellently executed kit); make sure you white balance your photos, otherwise we won't get the benefit of seeing full range of the colors you mixed and chose!

    1. Thanks, Dan!

      I'll work on that on my next kit. I should really build my photobox asap as well. Right now it's just a background with 2 light sources directly on it, haha.