Sunday, June 29, 2014

RG GP01 Zephyranthes Complete!

It's been quite awhile since my last RG scale and I forgot just how much details are on these kits. Words can wait until the end.  It's picture time! Hit that bump!

Mobile Suit

 Some Thoughts

Working on the 1/144 scale was a refreshing break from MGs. However, I forgot that I should be extra careful with the smaller pieces to prevent losses or breaks. I ended up losing a beam saber handle and breaking some shoulder parts during construction. Luckily, one was enough for me.

First, the cons. The fact that the torso requires the core fighter to be part of it makes the upper body unstable. The torso sways side to side with minimal force and attaching the shield makes it worse. It's still pose-able though. The second con is the shield attachment point. Even though I've painted all pieces, the shield didn't like to stay attached. It would fall out every time I bent it elbows while the shield was attached. If the attachment point was longer, it would've been better. Time for pros.

Like all RGs the detail on this kit is astonishing. I mean look at the pictures! I think they speak for themselves in terms of details. I'm also glad that they included a piece for straight shield holding. It increases the number of poses you can make. The piece for straight shield holding also makes holding the shield a lot more stable in my opinion. The shield is also fun thanks to its transforming gimmick (as shown in the pictures). The color separation and the off white pieces also make the kit visually stunning even after a simple out of box build.

In the end, even though it was a fun kit to build, I would not recommend this kit to someone as his/her first kit.

Thanks for looking!


  1. this thing is absolutely beautiful. great work man :)

    1. Thanks! Can't beat your GP01 though. Man, that was an incredible build. Your Gerbera Tetra is a thing of beauty as well.

  2. magnificient! Well done! Just to be sure, did you paint your kit? (it looks like in the pictures, but I prefer ask to be sure) If yes, did you get trouble painting it, I read that RG it's better to do no paint, because they're fragile kit. I want to have your opinion about this. ^^

    1. Thank you! Yes, I did paint this kit. Painting the pieces is the easy part. Once you have them on the alligator clips (or whatever you use to hold the pieces) you just spray the paint.

      The hard part would be the preparation. Since some of the pieces are so small, nub management is a pain on the fingers and if you're not careful you can easily cut yourself with the Xacto knife. As long as you're careful and patient, the end result will be very satisfying.