Saturday, December 7, 2013


It's all done! Since I have not built or painted for several months, I was worried about how it'll turn out. But, I'm happy with the result!

I'm not that great with posing as my history shows, but there are some towards the end. First, here is the list of paints and mixtures I used for this kit. 

Paint Guide

*Unless noted, paints are from the Mr. Color line. Number in ( ) represents the paint code.

  • Mr. Surfacer 1200
  • Black (2)
  • 100% White (1)
  • 60% Bright Blue (65) + 20% White (1) + 20% Blue (5) 
  • 30% Orange Yellow (58) + 60% Yellow (4) + 10% White (1)
  • 100% Red Madder (68)
Turquoise - Camera
  • 45% Bright Blue (65) + 45% Bright Green (66) + 10% White (1) 
Dark Inner Frame Parts and Rifle
  • 100% Alclad II Steel
Lighter Inner Frame Parts and Rifle
  • 100% Alclad II Magnesium
Joints and Verniers
  • 100% Gaia Color Star Bright Duraluminum 
Panel Lines
  • Model Master Gunship Grey
  • Model Master Classic Black
Top Coat
  • Super Clear III (GX 100)
  • Super Clear Flat (182)
*Super Clear III was used on the inner frame and the verniers. Super Clear Flat was used on armor parts.

Mobile Suit


Action Poses

Some Thoughts

As you may have noticed, the light sources change frequently in the pictures. I didn't get the chance to build my lightbox so I had to play around with my lights to get better exposures. Sorry about that.

This was my first time using Alclad II paints and I have to say that they are superb. They come pre-thinned and spray on very smoothly and evenly. The only downside is that they can get expensive since they are $8 per bottle plus shipping fees if your local stores don't carry them.

The suit itself is very articulate and, thanks to its engineering, a very solid build; I did not have a single part come off as I was posing the finished product. It also looks good on land and in air, so go ahead and take your pick! Lot of details and panel lines are also a plus. The bad thing about this kit is that the rifle comes in one color, making it visually boring. If anyone asks me for a MG recommendation, this kit would definitely be in my list.

Thanks for looking!


  1. this is absolutely stunning man. i love the way you did this thing up. :) what's next? ;)

    1. Thanks! I would have started my secret santa gift, but I already started on my RG Destiny and who knows when I'll finish the SD Stargazer.

  2. Why don't you paint the eye, i think it can make more realistic.

    1. The eyes are actually painted using the same turquoise color. Guess it's not really noticeable, haha.